3d Printing

Rapid Prototyping (RPT/3D Printing services)

Prototyping is generally used to evaluate a new design to enhance precision for new product development. It is the method of quickly fabricate physical model from CAD designs.

Customized tools or Jiggs & Fixtures.

We help you produce custom jigs and fixtures to help you speed up your production process and shrink the cost of traditional production without sacrificing accuracy. Jigs and fixtures that are printed using 3D technology take much less time and are no more expensive even for the most complex design


3D Scanning or Reverse engineering is used to create exact replica of the product with high accuracy and precision work.

Product Design & Development

Product designing is the first step to your idea. We provide design services based on your concepts, thought process, Use cases, and different samples and provide support for further development.

Injection Molding Die Development and Manufacturing support

Injection molding Die development is key step toward your production after performing Prototyping and freezing the design of the product. After creating prototype we provide support for Tool making as we have specialized team based on product type.

Scale Models

Creating a small scale working replica of a large Models like Factory Plants, Monuments, Giant machines, Buildings, etc